Lowongan PT. Tolan Tiga Indonesia Bengkulu Juli 2018

Lowongan PT. Tolan Tiga Indonesia Bengkulu Juli 2018 - PT. Tolan Tiga Indonesia adalah perusahaan yang bergerak dibidang perkebunan, saat ini membutuhakn tenaga kerja untuk ditempatkan pada posisi berikut :

Staf Legal Corporate Affair

- Handling license/permits, lands claim and social issue
- Assist the Manager in handling police report, court case/litigations, shareholders issue
- To communicate and coordinate effectively with the Operating Units located in the some regions in Indonesia
- To Maintain a good relationship with Government or other external parties as required
- Report to the Manager

- Bachelor/Master degree from reputable university , age of 35 years old (maximum)
- Having at least 3 years experience in the relevant job. Preferably ever worked in aplantations company, Law Firm Office or Notary Office
- Familiar with laws & regulations on foreign plantations company
- Having experience in handling license/permits for a foreign plantations company
- Having advocate license is an additional point
- Preferably Fluent in English
- Able to operate Ms. Office
- Able to work under pressure
- To be posted in Head Office in Medan or in the Estates located in North Sumatra, South Sumatra, Bengkulu, West Of Java.

Silahkan kirimkan lamaran lengkap anda melalui email dibawah ini :

Subject email : Staf Legal/CA – (nama lengkap)